hello everyone …

hello everyone i have decided to give you some information on the trumpet i wont make it long and boring but fun a resourceful so sit back and read.

1.The trumpet has got the highest register of the brass group this means that it can reach to the highest notes.

2.The trumpet is one of the oldest instruments in the whole entire world, dating back to around the 1500.

3.They are played by producing a buzzing sound with your lips.

4.There are several different types of trumpet the mos common one is the b flat trumpet.

5. Before trumpets didn’t have valves but now the would commonly have 3 piston valves. there is a rarer type of valve called the rotary valve.

6.A trumpet player is called a trumpeter or a trumpet player.

7. Each valve increases the length of tubing when engaged.

8. Trumpets were famously used as signaling devices for armies, from medieval times to the US Civil War.

9. The pitch range of the trumpet goes from a low F# to very high C


10. There are several special techniques that trumpet players use, including double tonguing and trilling.


there you go hope it wasn’t too boring thanks for reading.


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